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At each of our events, we strive to provide a unique experience and excitement at every turn. Get your whole team amped-up to show up to have a great time.

What are the components of a fun and memorable race? What should you expect?

A Race Designed for You

Easy Logistics

Scenic Courses

Festive Atmosphere

Premium Swag

Success Celebration

Corporate Events

Are you looking for an event that will bond your company/friends/family in ways that no other event can?

Picture this:  A race to the finish for all to excel, but once crossing the finish line the ‘first to finish’ must go back and bring the rest in with encouragement, leadership, side-by side, walk with me determination.

  • The race starts with great music, a great motivational talk and inspiration along the way
  • Race stops that inspire and empower the runners/walkers along the way
  • The Grand celebration at the end brings everyone together in a party atmosphere and brings it home to the company’s mission and directive
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Endurance Challenge

The Pace Makers Running Company sets the gold standard in 5K and 10K races nationwide. The Pace Makers’ offers quality events that are certified, inspiring and absolutely empowering.

Great awards, great people to meet and always the finest standard in timed racing. The Endurance Challenge provides a membership racing award to those that complete 4 races a year with The Pace Makers Running Company.

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