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COURSE RECORDS AND OTHER RECORDS 2016-05-11T13:33:49+00:00

The Pace Makers Running timing team will partner with runners setting a state or national category record and who need results documentation for filing with a governing body; please email info@PaceMakersRun.org with the details of the information you need.

AWARD ELIGIBILITY 2016-05-11T13:32:33+00:00

Youth, high school, collegiate, and/or other amateur athletes are responsible for being aware of eligibility rules as it relates to awards such as cash or merchandise. The athlete is responsible for notifying Pace Makers Running if some award other than Cash prize purse needs to be awarded as substitute, in which case cash awards will not roll up. Specific eligibility questions need to be referred to the appropriate coach, athletic director, or governing body. Pace Makers Running accepts no responsibility for eligibility violations.

DUPLICATION OF PRIZES 2016-05-11T13:31:55+00:00

In all cases, no duplicate prizes will be offered with the exception of Team awards, Costume awards, and Category awards. In the case of a runner earning more than one award, the highest ranking prize will be awarded to the runner (e.g. overall prize trumps age group award).

UNCLAIMED AGE GROUP AWARDS 2016-05-11T13:31:20+00:00

If an Age Group award is not collected on site, winners may contact info@PaceMakersrun.org to claim an award within a limited time frame of four weeks.

OFFICIAL RESULTS 2016-05-11T13:30:50+00:00

Results are not final until certified by the Timing Director which is typically one week post-race.

AWARDS CEREMONY 2016-05-11T13:30:19+00:00

Official award ceremony times will vary based on the depth and speed of the field and the number of awards. Most award ceremonies will occur within one hour fifteen minutes of the first finisher of the race. Please listen for onsite announcements for ceremony times and location or refer to the Race Updates section of the race-specific web page.

CATEGORY AWARDS AND PRIZE PURSES 2016-05-11T13:29:54+00:00

Please refer to the race-specific web page for details on prize purses at select events.

PHOTO POLICY 2017-03-01T15:32:25+00:00

By registering for Pace Makers Running events, participants agree to the use of their name and photograph in broadcasts, newspapers, brochures, and other media without compensation. Any photos made available for download by Pace Makers Running are the property of Pace Makers Running through a license agreement and may not be used for non-personal use without the express written consent of Pace Makers Running and our photographers.

PETS 2017-03-01T15:32:25+00:00

Dogs on 5 foot, non-retractable leashes are permitted. Dogs must be friendly, be up to date with shots, and have no history of fighting or biting. Pet owners take full responsibility for the behavior of their pet, must start towards the back, may not weave through packs of runners, must yield the right of way to other runners and must clean up after their pet. Please see race specific web page for courses that will allow pets.

STROLLERS 2016-05-11T13:28:04+00:00

Pace Makers Running believes a fit family is a happy family and allows strollers on the race course if the course and/or municipality allow it per the notes below. Safety requirements include that strollers must start in the back, may not weave through packs of runners, and must always yield the right of way to other runners. Municipalities may have their own stroller rules which in all cases will supersede our stroller policy. Strollers are expressly prohibited by the Fairfax City Police Department and will be removed from the course by Fairfax City Police officers.

IPODS/HEADPHONES/EARBUDS 2017-03-01T15:32:26+00:00

A participant who chooses to wear headphones while running assumes full responsibility for their use. Runners must be able to hear all instructions and directions given by race course personnel and be aware of their surroundings at all times.

RUN CUT-OFF TIMES 2017-03-01T15:32:26+00:00

Pace Makers Running is committed to providing opportunities for all people to participate in our events regardless of speed and do our best to obtain finish times for all timed participants. Course time limits are in place and enforced in order to adhere to municipality and permit requirements per the following guidelines based on gross race start gun time.

Guidelines may change as required by weather, police availability, and other safety concerns and, while rare, can happen as late as prior to/during the event. Please refer to the race-specific web page and online entry form for details.

Please e-mail info@pacemakersrun.org prior to registration to inquire about consideration of any needed special circumstances.

RACE DISTANCE COURSE TIME CUT-OFF is roughly based on a 15 minute per mile pace.

Distance Course Cut-off
1 Mile 00:15:00
5K-3.1 Miles 01:00:00
4 Miles 01:15:00
10K – 6.2 Miles 01:33:00
10 Miles 02:30:00


Please refer to the race-specific web page for any potential special circumstances regarding cut-off times.

CHANGE OR CANCELLATION OF AN EVENT 2016-05-11T13:19:21+00:00

Pace Makers Running, as advised by the Police and Fire/EMS Departments, may cancel, shorten, or alter any event or course due to weather, other acts of God, terrorism, or for any other reasons within or not within the control of Pace Makers Running.

In the case of event change, all entry fees are non-refundable and may not be deferred toward a future event. Pace Makers Running also reserves the right to change a race to an untimed “fun run” without advance notice.

Final decisions regarding conduct of races will be made within an hour to a half hour prior to the start of the race and will be announced over the race public address system, Twitter, and within the Race Updates found on the race-specific web site.

COURSE CHANGES 2016-05-11T13:18:34+00:00

Pace Makers Running may alter a published course at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to road or trail construction, runner safety, municipality requirements, or other situations.

WEATHER CONSIDERATIONS 2016-05-11T13:18:03+00:00

Pace Makers Running events are held rain, snow, sleet, heat, or shine– there are not “rain” dates for races. In conjunction with the municipalities, Pace Makers Running reserves the right to delay an event start for any reason, including weather. Typically events will be delayed up to 30 minutes prior to start if there is lightning.

BANDITS 2016-05-11T13:17:31+00:00

Non-registered participants of all types are prohibited and will be ejected from the course and/or disqualified. Consideration for special accommodations for coaches or others can be obtained by contacting info@PaceMakersrun.org at least four weeks prior to the event.

PACING 2016-05-11T13:17:04+00:00

Please be safe and aware of running abreast in any congested areas of the course. Unregistered runners and wheeled vehicles are not welcome on the course during the races. Visually impaired or other special needs participants are encouraged to contact info@pacemakersrun.org in advance of an event to obtain a complimentary entry for their running guide.

BAG CHECK 2016-05-11T13:06:41+00:00

Most Pace Makers events offer a volunteer-manned bag check station. Items are left at your own risk; items not retrieved by the designated time are taken back to Pace Makers for safe keeping. Items left after seven days will be donated to charity. You are required to use the clear bag provided at packet pickup for checking your items.

PIT STOPS 2017-03-01T15:32:26+00:00

Please refer to the race-specific web page for the course map and pit stop plan.



Pre-Registered Participants — are offered the opportunity to select the event-specific premium item. If the premium is selected and it is a sized item, the registrant is held to collect the selected size offered and chosen in the registration process at packet pick-up or race morning.

Runners registering at packet pick-up — must select from the inventory at that time.

Runners registering on race morning — will pay full price for an entry and must select from inventory at that time.


For storage considerations, complete packets are not kept post-race.

PICK UP FOR FAMILY AND FRIENDS 2016-05-11T13:08:19+00:00

A runner may pick up a packet for someone else. Please insure that all runners involved know their packets are being collected as duplicates cannot be issued.

RACE MORNING PACKET PICKUP 2016-05-11T13:08:44+00:00

Availability of race morning Packet Pickup varies according to the race. Please refer to the race-specific web page for details.

TAX DEDUCTIONS 2016-05-11T13:09:10+00:00

The Pace Makers, LLC is a non-profit corporation. Typically, only donations above the registration fees that are made directly to the charity are eligible for tax deductions. Please consult a tax professional for specific clarification.

AGE LIMITS 2016-05-11T13:09:34+00:00

Pace Makers defers to the best judgment of the parent/guardian as to the fitness level and experience regarding appropriate participation of younger runners.

TEAM COMPETITIONS 2017-03-01T15:32:27+00:00

Specific Pace Makers events include team competitions of several types — we offer five team structures that will suit your family, friends, co-workers, or clientele.
Our team categories include:

  • Racing Team All Male or All Female (for team awards)
  • Open Team All Male, All Female, or Coed

All teams will have a calculated Team score and appear in their Category results. Racing teams will vie for Team Awards while all other teams will run for group bragging rights and the most fun a running race can be.

Certain races may have special competitions for USATF member Clubs and High School Run Clubs. Please refer to the race-specific web page on team competitions offered.


Run distance switches can be made, however there are no refunds if switching from a more expensive to a less expensive run. Please email info@pacemakersrun.org to distance switch within an event.

REFUND OF ENTRY 2016-05-11T13:10:53+00:00

To keep costs at a minimum, refunds are not currently offered.


For validity of waiver and entrant data and to keep costs at a minimum, transfers between one Pace Makers Running race and another; deferments to a future event; and transfers to another runner are not currently offered.

CHARITIES/DONATION 2016-05-11T13:11:53+00:00

The Pace Makers Running Company supports John Hopkins Research for Heart Disease and various local hospital’s Cardiac Units through direct donation, additional donation opportunities, and matching. Details by race can be found on the race web page.

SITE RACE DAY REGISTRATION 2016-05-11T13:12:54+00:00

Registration will remain open as long as the race is not sold out.

PIT STOPS 2017-03-01T15:32:27+00:00

Please refer to the race-specific web page for the course map and pit stop plan.



Successful registrations will receive a confirmation email to the provided email address.