Where Funds Go

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We work hard to make sure that all resources entrusted to us are used as efficiently and effectively as possible to bring maximum impact to support our mission of reversing the effects of heart disease.


Field programs and advocacy work

These funds go to support and carry out programs that benefit all phases of heart disease: creating awareness, blood pressure screening, research and charity.


of our funds go to research and directly to the Research and Development Centers striving to make improvements in surgery and follow-up in a patient’s life.


Pace Makers focuses on SUPPORTING those with few resources: uninsured, underinsured and low income men and women unable to access care.
Blood Pressure Screening: The combination of science, education and direct help (screening) will help people make the healthy choices and decisions to become HEART STRONG.

Education = ACTION

Pace Makers works in community centers, churches, local clinic and schools to EDUCATE PEOPLE about heart disease. AWARENESS is key to understanding the signs and symptoms of heart disease. Pace Makers prints heart disease materials, trains community educators and funds programs that SUPPORT PATIENTS by providing information about community resources ensuring patients follow up with their care.



Fundraising is important in generating donations of cash. Public fundraising includes the cost for gaining long-term supporters so that our work can continue.


Administration and accountability

This is essential to the day to day running of our work, and includes our finance, administration, HR and management teams.

Why your help is so important

Our work is made possible mainly by the support of generous Americans. We rely on people like you to donate to our programs and appeals so we can provide vital short and long-term help to people nationwide.

You could help to make it all happen.