Heart Beats Challenge

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Heart Beats Challenge


We would like to challenge all of our runners to the heart beats challenge. This encompasses a series of races over your lifetime. For every 5k race to attend you will acquire 10 heart beats. Longer runs are awarded more beats. The challenge is to acquire as many beats as you can. Runners will be acknowledged for their dedication and accomplishments. Please see below for more info.


This is how you can earn your badges:

5K Race = 10 beats

Donations = 10 beats

100 beats =  red-heart

150 beats =  bronze-heart

200 beats =  silver-heart

250 beats =  gold-heart

500 beats =  platimum-heart

1000 beats+ =  forever-heart

10 donations = donation-badge-orange

20 donations = donation-badge-blue

50 donations = donation-badge-green